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Our Booking Process

1. Travel Request

Submit a quick travel inquiry to us by completing this questionnaire.

2. Consultation

On the questionnaire, we ask for your preferred contact method. We will contact you however you prefer to follow-up on your travel request. We'll ask you any extra questions and share information about booking with us. 

3. Travel Options

Majestic 1 Vacations International creates up to three travel options to best fit your requests. We try to email you these options within 2-3 business days. Extensive travel requests could result in a longer wait time 

4. Reservations

To secure your trip and rates, we'll submit traveler information and make a payment. Reservations must be made within 72 hours to secure the rate. 

5. Making Payments

Payments can be made until your final payment date. You can easily submit your payment on our website here. 

6. Travel Preparation

A few weeks before departure, we'll review your travel documents and what to expect in your destination. You can also find helpful travel resources here. 

7. Trip Departure

It's vacation time! We'll be standing by just in case. You can contact us here. 

8. Return Home

We hope you had an amazing trip! Share your travel story on our Review Page. 

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