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Majestic Travel Blog

Introducing the Majestic Travel Blog!

Welcome to the Majestic Travel Blog where we help inspire travelers who want to live their purpose through traveling. Learning, living and loving as explore the world enriches you with life's greatest gifts. We hope to show you that and help you get to know Majestic on a more personal level.

Majestic 1 Vacations International, LLC is your Georgia-based travel agency who help travelers across the country. We book vacations for singles, couples, and groups to travel the world! We specialize in bucket list vacation, but are willing to help with most international and cruise destinations.

We have so much to offer travelers, including:

When you're ready to take a vacation, please allow us the opportunity of creating your trip. You can contact us to request a new trip through our website! Until then, please stay connected to follow along our journey on Facebook page and group!

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